Expo 2020, Dubai – Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

There’s a reason why Dubai is making a mark for itself on the world map and has come to occupy a central position in the world The Dubai Expo 2020 is a by-product of the same.

Its real estate development is flourishing beyond leaps and bounds. Awarded to be the host city by the Bureau International des Expositions general assembly in Paris in November 2013, a city known for its luxuriant living is all set for Expo 2020 Dubai UAE.

Planned to be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, near Dubai Emirates western border with Abu Dhabi emirate, the Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be a one-of-its-kind exhibition based on a universal theme to cater to the needs of the entire world under one roof. The Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan includes exhibits like Expo Live under which students the world over can connect with teachers anywhere in the world. And the Sustainability Pavilion showcasing innovative responses to environmental challenges are going to be some of the highlights of Expo 2020 Dubai UAE. From PepsiCo’s initiative to clean the nuisance of plastic pollution in oceans to the Expo school Programme to enable schools to explore  Dubai Expo 2020 Master plan, this enormous scale of the exhibition is unimaginable.

An exhibition that promises a sustainable environment, quality education to the future of the world, stupendous business opportunities, its motto of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ is a rather apt one.


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While the Dubai Expo 2020 Project are all set to initiate growth in fields of business and education, its themes of creative thinking, innovation and global collaboration make for an exciting combination. The makers of the event believe that with opportunity, mobility and sustainability most issues of the contemporary world can be solved. With its target being the Middle East, Africa and South Asia the main aim of the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE is clearly to initiate first world developments and innovations within the third world realm.

Opportunity in the fields of education, employment, industries and governance makes the core of the agenda of the exhibition foreseeing a future that meets our current aspirations. Planned to take place within a span of six months, it will go on until April, 2021 with the launch scheduled in October 2020. With somebody as huge as American firm HOK (formerly Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum) involved in the organization of the exhibition, one might wonder the relevance of a city like Dubai, popular primarily as a grand holiday destination to be chosen for this universal exposition. But looking at growth charts of Dubai, from real estate to environmental avenues, from economic growth to public affairs it is witnessing a growth in all areas of public life and this very aspect makes it an appropriate choice for an event to bring the globe to one place. In fact the world’s largest solar panel is going to be initiated into performance as the exposition will begin. The ongoing development of District One in Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum City of Dubai, one of the costliest and largest Dubai Expo 2020 projects of building luxury residential complex is a clear example of Dubai’s stronghold on real estate development, creating employment within the city like never before.

Dubai has declared its agenda to be the happiest city in the world by 2020 under it Dubai Happiness Agenda project.

It is sure not a coincidence that the motive behind Dubai Expo 2020 Project and the Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan is to create a developed global community with happiness for all too. Witnessing the world converge into a global village on social media is an exhilarating experience. Imagine the degree of thrill it shall be to behold a number as big as one hundred and thirty two countries from diverse regions of the world coming together to celebrate a single agenda. Yes, from Ukraine to Tanzania, from the United States of America to Sri Lanka, from Switzerland to India the intensity of the diversity of the countries refuses to end.

Events like these are rare in history and ought to be celebrated with an increased gusto. Having had predecessors like the Montreal Expo 67, the Brisbane Expo 88 and the Seville Expo 92, Dubai Expo 2020 Project has tons of responsibility resting on its shoulders. A festival of human ingenuity, the Dubai Expo 2020 Master Plan is prime model of the immense capacity of connecting minds and bringing innovative ideas together.

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